Late Breaking Abstract Submission

Late Breaking Abstract Submission is now open.

​​Submission deadline: March 30, 2017

Authors submitting ongoing trial abstracts, should select the topic entitled ‘Ongoing Trials’.

Protocol for Late Breaking Abstract Submission

The late breaking abstract deadline is not an extension of the abstract submission deadline.

The content of the abstract should not have been previously published or presented at national or international meetings prior to ESOC 2017 and should be about:

  • Prospective studies for which results were not known at the initial ESOC 2017 abstract deadline 
  • Important translational studies with emerging results

Other than for large clinical trials, for which authors are recommended to contact the Abstract Subcommittee Chair, Prof KR Lees directly, late breaking abstracts will normally be accepted for poster presentation only. Sensitive results may be shared with the chairman in strict confidence.  

Placeholder abstracts for clinical trials and other important studies for which final data may be delayed until the late-breaking deadline may be submitted before 12 January 2017, to facilitate programming of oral presentations. ​

Results may be preliminary, and the final results can be updated in the presentation or poster. The placeholder abstract should include an outline with sample sizes and analyses to be presented .​​​​

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